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Streamline your practice to increase efficiency and revenue!

Practice Management Solutions

Staff Training - Patient Flow - EHR Training

Coding - Billing - Collections

Revenue Cycle Management

Locally owned and operated since 1990! 

We have been creating, managing, and communicating clinical documentation for over 27 years.

From simple transcription to revenue cycle management, choose the solution that best fits your needs and move on to more enhanced products and services when you are ready.

Our scalable products get you out from behind computers and dramatically improve your productivity and profitability. Easily and quickly analyze clinical and financial results.


Created with doctors, practice managers and administrators, Rose-Text molds the latest technology and services to the way your practice works. Our Practice Management team and cloud-based tools enable us to evaluate, simplify and implement efficiencies into your practice.  Rose-Text specializes in helping connect all your services efficiently to maximize profits.  Staff Training, Patient Flow,  EHR Training, Coding, Billing, Collections, and Health Record Input are each a link in your cash-flow chain.  


Rose-Text gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Increase Efficiency

Practice Management

We help you with everything from staff training to patient flow. We will look at your business processes and help you find the best solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management

We evaluate your revenue stream and pinpoint any problems that might exist. We help you resolve those problems so you can be more profitable.


System Auditing

We yield you more profit by auditing your systems. We look at your EHR, Billing/ Coding, Practice Operations, and Management and find where you are leaking profits.

Increase Revenue

Billing / Coding

We increase your revenue by taking care of your billing/coding needs.  We follow through appeals and ensure you are coding properly to increase your bottom line.



If you still desire the tried and true dictation/transcription method of record input, we can accommodate that in an electronic format.  For many physicians, it is still the most effective method of record input.


Charting / EHR Solutions

We assist you by charting your transcription directly into your EHR or by providing a better EHR solution. This helps your practice be as efficient as possible so you can focus on patient care.